All About Jesus




Cindy and I get to spend time together most every morning talking, planning and praying. This is a very sweet time for both of us. 

One morning, a few weeks before Christmas 2019, we were brainstorming ways to make our Christmas celebration with family more meaningful and focused on Jesus. 

Later as we were praying, Cindy  said a few things that sparked some words in me and I quickly grabbed my phone and started typing them out (I know!!!). When she said amen, I asked if she wanted to hear my latest song? She said yes and asked when I wrote it. I told her it was while she was praying. Honestly, it was a very cool time to write the words cause that is when God gave them to me. 

I wasn’t sure what it would sound like when I got my guitar and played it out for the first time, but it came out pretty good. Cindy loved it. I tweaked it over the next few days but it was too close to Christmas to actually go through all the steps to release it. 

So a year later, during the strangest year most of us can remember, it’s ready. At least one thing has not changed. Christmas is still All About Jesus.