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    Belly of the Beast

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Belly of the Beast was written as a theme song for a sermon series on the book of Jonah. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell them to repent so God wouldn’t destroy them. Jonah didn’t want to help them so he went the other direction, saying “no” to God by his actions. 

The song is written from Jonah’s perspective, but sadly, I’ve said “no” from time to time as well. I got off easy by comparison to Jonah, though.  One of those times was when I resisted God’s nudge to ask Cindy to marry me. Wow! 

It’s a fun song with a strong message that sounds a bit like Earth Wind & Fire with huge vocals. Kids love it! When we got done singing it live at our Shakopee campus, before anyone could clap, this little 5 year old yells out, “I love that song”.  That made us smile big! I dare you not to smile and sing along too as you listen.

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