"Letters from the Heart"

Flaws and Faith

I’m a guitar player. I have a few guitars and each one has a special place and use. They all look and sound beautiful, each in a different way that I love so much. 

Each guitar also has its own…

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Have you ever felt the weight of the world?

Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders? I sure have.

Cindy and I were hit hard by Covid in November of 2021. It started with Cindy first. We had pre-determined our “Covid plan” just in…

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The Secret to Calm the “Noise” of Life

Cindy and I get away several times a year to some quiet place.  Each time, we are freshly amazed by the contrast of the city noise we’d grown accustomed to and the calming, peaceful sounds of nature. Without all the…

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Mental Health - It's a thing.

Sometimes mental health is the thing that gets pushed away, an afterthought, almost judgmental in some ways. “If he (she) only trusted Jesus more, all would be well.” “If he (she) read the Bible more, they would be fine.”  There…

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Giving it Everything I Got (Cindy's take)

How was it possible that I didn’t “see” my first homeless person until I was 12 years old?  It was while visiting Washington DC on a school safety patrol trip. Of all the sites we took in, that was the…

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Giving it Everything I Got! (Mark's take)

So we wake up on Monday and face another week. Hopefully, you and I are working in a passion or at least something that we don’t hate :-) Sometimes we have jobs that aren’t much fun or maybe even worse…

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Pass it along (#3 of 3)

Pass it along 

I pressed in, I pressed on. Now what? Most of us in this “category” think you cannot and should not talk about it. My therapist told me, “Mark, I want you to tell your wife about this…

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Press on (#2 of 3)

After "Press in" comes "Press on"

I started therapy with the second therapist in late 2010 and we dove in. After two sessions she confirmed there was something deep inside and it would take some work to get to the…

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Press in (#1 of 3)

Mark Alewine Music is all about helping people press in, press on and then pass it along. Each of these has a special, personal meaning. 

Press in comes first...

After seeing my reactions to stress over the years…

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Like a hidden picture

Mark and I are so excited to have been given so many songs and want to get them produced and released as quickly as possible. We have encountered lots of little “mountains” to climb along the way; nothing extraordinary, just…

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