WHO'S on your playlist? WHOSE playlists are you on?

I recently asked myself these two questions. It was very helpful to me so I encourage you to do so as well...  

Who is on your playlist today?  

What songs are top of mind when you wake up in the morning? What are your go-to songs when you want to praise God or when you are facing a challenge?  

Whose “playlist” are you on and why? Whether we realize it or not, each of us are on someones’ playlist as an encourager, an advocate, a teacher, a listener, etc. etc.  Let's never underestimate the value of our unique piece in the puzzle!  

Click here to go to our playlist page and see what I personally recommend for worship, reflection, pressing on and for sheer rejoicing. On that page you’ll also find a poll about your #1 source of the music you listen to. Would you please take a moment to answer that question? It’s helpful for us to know.  

(The “whys” behind the selections are on the playlist page) 

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