Like a hidden picture

Mark and I are so excited to have been given so many songs and want to get them produced and released as quickly as possible. We have encountered lots of little “mountains” to climb along the way; nothing extraordinary, just normal life, just realistic steps in the journey. 

The process has revealed just how impatient I am and that what I REALLY want is for things to be fast and easy and comfortable – like on The Jetsons cartoon. Hmmm…I have been asking God to reveal blindspots to me and I’m pretty sure this is one of them!  

In praying over this new faith journey and asking the Lord what the goal was (and just as I was about to provide Him with my list of multiple-choice answers), He “interrupted” me and clearly said, “Obedience”. That wasn’t one of the answers on my list for Him. Hmmm…OK then.  

The HIDDEN PICTURE within the picture – it’s funny isn’t it? We see a mission, a purpose, a job to be done and God sees deeply beyond all of that; He sees a character development plan for us.  

Here is a link to some hidden pictures on our website. Enjoy the hunt for the hidden pictures of God’s work in your life as well. 


Cindy and Mark

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