Giving it Everything I Got! (Mark's take)

So we wake up on Monday and face another week. Hopefully, you and I are working in a passion or at least something that we don’t hate :-) Sometimes we have jobs that aren’t much fun or maybe even worse, but we are doing what we have to do to make a living. I get that! 

But the question is, as believers, what are we working for? Maybe the better question is, who are we working for? Are we working so we can save up for the next vacation or the next new car or boat or motorcycle or another home? There’s nothing wrong with having these, please don’t hear that. But do we work and earn money with eternities values in the view? 

Tithing is certainly an honorable and wonderful thing to do. And yes, we have to pay the bills. That, too, is honorable and right…and necessary. But how are you and I living our lives out as believers and followers of Jesus? Are we taking opportunity to share what God is doing in us and has done for others? Are you and I willing to share some of our belongings with others who have nothing? 

I have been profoundly changed by what I experienced at The Well Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Worshiping with many homeless people like we saw on the street was remarkable and wonderful. Sharing communion with them and worship and incredible conversation was humbling. These are regular people who have very little. But the ones we met had joy and a church family they called their own. Wow! 

What is God calling you to? What is He saying to you? Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you. Our challenge today is to get quiet before God and ask him what He wants from us? For me it was to give it Everything I Got!

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