017-Fishing Adventures with Mark

Do you need a good laugh today (or at least a big smile)? Stay tuned for a fun song and some funny fishing stories. 


Back in the mid 80s I had a friend at college named Reed who loved…

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016-Enough is Enough

Although we can’t opt-out of the spiritual battles we face each day, we can opt-into God’s amazing plan of victory that includes laughter and singing. Sound strange?

Everyday battles turn into everyday conversations and often into song! In talking with…

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015-Impossible is Possible-Part 2

Are you looking for a glimmer of hope during a dark time right now? You’re not alone!  Kathy Tschida joins Mark to share with you some powerful, practical tips from her own God-story as well as the song that came…

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014-Impossible is Possible (a difficult story to tell)

Dark times, breaking points, can’t sleep, can’t breathe….sometimes hope seems impossible. However, I’m living proof that impossible is possible! Today I’ll share a very personal story and a song written out of those emotions. 

The song we’ll be talking about…

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013-Hope at the End of Your Rope

“At the end of your rope” can be a very scary place to be. However, it can also be a place of hope and peace and growth. Let’s talk about that. 


It was Thanksgiving time and we were…

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012-This Much I Know


Do you ever find yourself begging God for something? That could be begging for anything really. It could be begging for this new job, or it could be begging for healing for ourselves or somebody…

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011-Don't Take the Bait

Have you ever been baited into an argument and you end up saying the wrong thing? Or perhaps you were the “baiter” saying the right thing but in the wrong way? Me too! Today I’ll share some tips I’ve learned…

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010-Showers and Beyond

What ideas or dreams has God put in your heart to reflect His love and bring others into the Kingdom? Are you ready to give it everything you got? A dose of inspiration is coming your way. 

Learn about Acts

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Who wants to work for the devil? I recently discovered I was helping him more than I realized. Today’s podcast is about a song that came out of that discovery as well as some helpful tips for winning our battles. 

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007-How to Quiet the Noise of Life

Does a noisy mind drive you crazy? I know I can definitely relate to that! In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing a song that addresses the noise in our lives and minds as well as some tips that have…

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006-Revisit, Reclaim, Reload

Each test of life prepares us for the next. And failure is only failure if we don’t learn from it. With that in mind, would you join me to revisit a global test of faith, and more importantly, reclaim spiritual…

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