Music to Deliver Your Memorable Message 

The song, “My Flamingo Advantage”, was custom-crafted for Katie Hornor, a dynamic business coach for faith-based entrepreneurs. She was looking for music that could be used for her podcast, TV documentary as well as a theme song for her events and walk-up music for speaking engagements. She commissioned Mark Alewine for the task and provided very specific language and branding details to incorporate into the work. “My Flamingo Advantage” came about as a result.

What type of message or memory would you like to deliver?

Business Examples:

  • Theme song
  • Documentary Soundtrack
  • Speaker Walk-Up Music
  • Podcast Use>>

Personal Examples:

  • Proposal
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Adoption
  • Birthday
  • Moving
  • Goodbye/Retirement
  • Just because!