How you can help... 

If you enjoy songs by Mark Alewine Music and believe they could help others, here are some simple, yet significant things you can do to tell the "platforms that be" that they are worthwhile for "their" listeners.   


If you're a Spotify Premium listener, pre-saving a song is a huge help.  If you are an Apple Music (iTunes) or Deezer user, pre-ordering it is very helpful.  


For most music platforms (Spotify, Amazon, Apple iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, others)  here are some easy but significant things you can do to help a song get the attention of algorithms and playlist curators (NOTE options vary slightly among platforms): 

  • Like
  • Follow
  • Subscribe
  • Add to Library 
  • Add to Playlist 
  • Share Artist
  • Share Song 
  • Add to Que

First and foremost, we hope our songs will be an encouragement to you. We also want to say "thank you" for your encouragement to us and for your help getting the message in the music out there!