62-Music Helps in Controlling the Tongue and Overcoming Fear

Controlling one’s tongue, overcoming fear and how music helps are topics of my conversation with Larry Tribble. Join us for strong encouragement and takeaways in this episode. (Featured song: Don’t Take the Bait)

Custom Song 

Music delivers a message in a way that nothing else can. That’s why I so enjoy creating custom-made music for special events, podcasts and branding. What message would you like to send? 

Song Guide 

Larry described Mark’s music as “reminder songs” and “prescriptive music”. A Song Guide is available for Mark’s music to help you find a song that will help you  

  • Remember 
  • Celebrate 
  • Stand Your Ground

Larry’s “Fear Playlist” 

Here’s the songs on Larry’s “Fear” playlist:  

  • In Jesus Name - Katy Nichole (usually for others who need prayer) 
  • Now Here - Red Rocks Worship 
  • No Longer Slaves - Jonathan and Melissa Helser 
  • Egypt - Cory Asbury 
  • Praise You Anywhere - Brandon Lake 
  • Worthy of My Song - Maverick City (the Phil Wickham/Chandler Moore version) (mostly for the opening line "I'm gonna sing til my heart starts changing. I'm gonna worship til I mean every word. Cause the way I feel and the fear I'm facing doesn't change who you are or what you deserve.") 


From Larry Tribble… 

I help high-impact people develop the habits of attention and task management so they can escape stress-based productivity toward peace and clarity - Do Busy Right. We do this by managing our information in new and better ways with my Attention Compass process. 

Past clients will tell you that they have more confidence and peace about their work and that they save around four hours per work week. 

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