Are you ready to stop

trying and start training...

together... to walk in the

identity God created for

you as a man?

Are you ready to win over stress, anxiety and inconsistency?

Do you feel stuck, ashamed, sneaky or like giving up?

Are you sick of being put down, ridiculed and de-valued by the toxic cultural bias that says men are just a necessary evil?

Are you lacking uplifting male friendships that protect, empower and bring out the best in you? 

If the answer is yes, keep reading

What is Pack Life?

Pack Life is a Christian mens' mastermind*. Mark facilitates weekly, 1-hour meetings characterized by sharing life and drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of the group. The goal is to energize, encourage, pray and have fun with each other as we pursue the identity God has for each of us. 

*A mastermind is simply a group of people with similar goals and challenges who rely on each other for accountability, advice, and support.

Our theme song:

No Longer On My Own

Mark Alewine

When we do life alone, the struggle is fierce and lonely. But when we run this race “together”, we are stronger and more aware of solutions to life’s problems.

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