I choose "There Was Jesus" as my first cover song out of admiration for Zach Williams and Dolly Parton, who sang the original version together.  

Zach’s authenticity in his writing and singing inspires me. He has written some incredible music that lifts up the body of Christ and reflects what God has done in his life. That along with who Dolly Parton is, an icon in the music industry and a wonderful follower of Christ, made this song almost irresistible. I love the testimonies of these simple yet extraordinary people (see Zach's below).  

In some ways, it feels like “There Was Jesus” was written just for me and I am so happy to sing it for you with my daughter-in-law, Kristen!

Zach's experience of Jesus

This song inspired Cindy and me to pause and reflect on the many “There Was Jesus” moments in our lives. We created these short videos of some of these experiences.

~ Mark

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