70 - Unexpected Blessings in an Unlikely Place

Here’s a continuation of conversation with Isaiah Taylor.

Isaiah Taylor returns to share an inspiring story of God’s sense of humor and tremendous blessing through an unexpected “second-mile service opportunity.”

God is working all around us all the time but we’re often miss recognizing it. Once a month Mark and Cindy host a God-stories video call for folks like you for the express purpose of hearing what God’s doing in each other’s lives. These stories range from the big and extraordinary to the simple and ordinary, but all of them remind us of God's presence in our lives. 

It’s a special time of getting to know each other, glorifying God and leaving more alert for His work in our lives. Come join this God-stories opportunity!


About Our Guest, Isaiah Taylor 

Isaiah is an avid reader with a mild obsession for tea. While attending church one day, his pastor posed a thought-provoking question: "Will our current actions leave a lasting impact, be it a year from now, a century from now, or even a billion years from now?" The pastor went on to emphasize the notion that when we positively influence the people in our lives, we create an eternal impact. Isaiah has since fully embraced this perspective and carries it with him wherever he goes. So, no matter where he may be, fostering connections with others has become his greatest passion. 

You can reach Isaiah at: 

Email: isaiah@morganjamespublishing.com  

Phone: 516-217-6996