I’m Mark Alewine. I’ve been signing and songwriting since high school in rural Georgia. Early on, John Denver's ability to take a simple chord progression and do something spectacular with it inspired me to teach myself how to play guitar while listening to his music. 

Even with the hopeful influences of music and faith in Jesus Christ, I was plagued with fear and identity issues most of my life. Things grew increasingly worse over the years until I finally had to get help. Repressed memories of severe childhood trauma were determined to be the cause. 

It was a lengthy, incredibly difficult process, but God graciously delivered and restored me. (CLICK HERE to read more about that process) It was very hard on my wife, Cindy, as well. As a result, we are passionate about helping others find faith, hope and healing in their lives. We accomplish this in part by writing and releasing Jesus music in a style that is relatable and fun. 

Between my own personal recovery, the struggles of friends, and shared faith life with Cindy, there is no lack of stories to be shaped into songs. Their genre is typically Christian Rock or Christian Folk and we’ve been told they sound like those of Cory Asbury and Jason Upton.   

Cindy and I live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We enjoy growing closer to the Lord together, writing songs, date nights, nature, spicy foods, golf, and our family which includes four awesome grandkids.