65 - Overcome Fear and Experience God’s Joy

Author, David Steen, joins me to share stories reminding you that God is at work behind the scenes in your life right now. Be inspired to exchange fear for God’s joy as you listen in. 

Mark and David met each other through the 48 Days Eagles’ Community. Click the button below to see if it might be a good fit for you as well.

About David Steen:  

David Steen resides on a small farm in Hartford, Arkansas, where he enjoys long walks to the creek with his lovely wife and short walks through the field with his sheep. Other passions include writing, music, reading, cooking for their large family and sipping on a cup of dark roast coffee as often as possible.  

David recently published his first book, Almost Home, Setting Our Sights Toward Heaven, which can be ordered through his website or wherever books are sold.  

Contact Info: david@almosthomebooks.com  

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