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Episode 25

When things get tough, press into Jesus. When they get really tough, press in even more.  This episode is part 1 of the man’s story that inspired the song, Long Live the New! Vlad lived in utter darkness and now walks in new light….and a new struggle.

Episode 24

Are you religious or related? The “orange story” helps make it clear.

Episode 23

Would you be able to trust God’s goodness if this happened to you? Stay tuned for an inspiring story and power tips for your journey.

Episode 22

What does it mean to keep it simple at Christmas? I think you’ll enjoy this guilt-free perspective from a fellow believer and Christmas lover.

Episode 21

Last week we discussed the toxic impact of living from an empty cup. Today we turn the corner and run towards hope as our guest Chris Gallagher delivers some mighty empowering inspiration for positive life-change.

Episode 20

Is your life going way too fast? You need to hear today’s interview with Chris Gallagher. There is hope!

Episode 19

Last week, my friend Mike Foote shared how God dive-bombed his suicide plan and started him on a beautiful faith journey. Stay tuned for some gold nuggets from Mike as well the answer to last week’s Listener Challenge.

Episode 18

Most people think of “Imagine Beautiful” as a wedding song. However, for one man, it’s become the soundtrack to his life of recovery. Stay tuned for some interesting twists and turns as the story unfolds as well as a listening challenge.

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