A song of declaration and victory in the midst of turmoil”


Mark and Cindy took care of her father who had Parkinson’s Disease for five and a half years in their home. The physical and emotional aspects of caregiving had stretched Cindy to her limits. On top of that was hosting family Christmas and three family birthdays. She was feeling very depressed. She was especially frustrated not having time and energy for some things she really wanted to do with music.   

It was Thursday, date night. Mark asked what she would like to do and she said sardonically, “write a song”. The day had been unusually frustrating. Cindy struggled to bring her best to date night. When Mark and Cindy returned home, Mark was moving forward with the idea of writing a song together. Cindy was “not feeling it” but figured she better make an effort since it was her idea.  Mark began the session asking Cindy what she was feeling. She responded: “overwhelmed, discouraged, my body hurts, trying not to worry about”…etc. (You get the bleak picture).  Then Mark asked what the Lord had speaking to her about to which Cindy replied, “Well He is speaking to me a lot. I still haven’t got it to go from my head to my heart though.” Mark said, “like what?” “Well," Cindy said...    

...Write down ‘Declarations’ based on God’s word – write them and say them till I believe them! (Master Mind sermon series from Life Church)   
...Feelings are just feelings. They are not truth. No matter how much pressure all the negative feelings place on me I can withstand the storm by standing on the truth of God. I hang onto these words for dear life. These words hold me up in bad times. ...Yes, your promises rejuvenate me. (Ps 119 :49 MSG) 
...Trust steadily, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly (1 Thes 5:18 MSG)   
...Don’t tolerate the loud, repetitive negative thoughts that result in strong emotions that make me so discouraged. Take every though captive! Kick them out and refill that space with truth by the power of the Holy Spirit.    
...I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. (Gal 2:20 NASB) IE dead people don’t have buttons to push. 

Mark started strumming on the guitar and words started coming. The song was written in literally a few minutes. Mark and Cindy were in total awe of what just happened.  They continue to sing this date-night song frequently and share it with friends going through  intense situations.