63-The "grit and glory" of Overcoming Infertility Through Adoption

Join Larry Tribble and Mark for uplifting stories of good churches, good pastors and a beautiful adoption experience. Larry also shares his passion to help people “do busy right” so they can stay close to God and experience peace.

Custom Song 

Music delivers a message in a way that nothing else can. That’s why I so enjoy creating custom-made music for special events, podcasts and branding. What message would you like to send? 

From Larry Tribble… 

I help high-impact people develop the habits of attention and task management so they can escape stress-based productivity toward peace and clarity - Do Busy Right. We do this by managing our information in new and better ways with my Attention Compass process. 

Past clients will tell you that they have more confidence and peace about their work and that they save around four hours per work week. 

You can find me on LinkedIn and at dobusyright.com. I’d love to hear from you.